NY SAFE Act needs to be repealed now

As a concerned citizen, I want to share the following information with readers. I am so disheartened by this attack on my rights as a citizen.

The NY SAFE Act makes criminals of good, honest citizens. More than 340 local governments and 52 counties have called for its repeal. The New York State Sheriffs Association and the State Association of County Clerks oppose the SAFE Act. Even Veterans Affairs says it will not comply with the law.

The SAFE Act must be repealed. The governor’s line that “you can keep your guns; just register them” is a ruse similar to President Obama saying, “you can keep your health plan.” Upon the death of the registrant, this private property may not be passed on to any heirs in the state. Correct the mistakes of 2013 and support the repeal of the NY SAFE Act in 2014.

Herbert Schmidt