No one should fall for hype surrounding ‘Hustle’

The movie “American Hustle” has to be the biggest hustle since a couple of weavers convinced an emperor that they could create a magnificent garment that became invisible to anyone who was unfit for their office, or was unusually stupid.

The movie is peopled by characters who are basically twits, who haven’t got a clue. The convoluted plot moves along so glacially that my husband was startled awake by the fire alarm going off in the theater. The script is so liberally peppered by a steady stream of “F-bombs” one suspects the writers of either being too lazy to write pithy dialogue or just too unskilled. Can this really be Academy Award material? What has inspired such critical praise of this movie?

The only praise I can offer is for the performances of Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Without much help from the script writers, they managed to keep attention focused on the screen. My husband and I are not unusually stupid, so after the fire engines departed, so did we.

The theater manager’s offer to return to see the end of the movie wasn’t even tempting. We already knew that the emperor has no clothes.

Louise DeFelice

North Tonawanda