New building won’t make failing college competitive

The News article on county Republicans stopping the debate on the Erie Community College blunder at North Campus is significant because of the quote from Legislator Tom Loughran, supposed Democrat of Amherst, “This Legislature has recognized that the North Campus is in deplorable condition. This is a beginning to revitalize an asset.”

It is wonderful that he recognizes the terrible condition of North Campus, so why doesn’t he support Legislator Patrick Burke and the rest of his fellow Democrats and bring this disaster waiting to happen to an end? Loughran and the GOP want to pretend that a building can make a failing community college competitive, but it won’t. Students are fleeing ECC because it made itself weak by spreading its programs across three campuses.

Loughran and the GOP are right that this is the beginning, but where does it end? I’ll tell you. It ends with untold hundreds of millions of dollars enriching Amherst on the backs of the rest of Erie County taxpayers. I am glad Burke is asking the hard-hitting questions about this project.

Paul Koch