Nation’s service economy can’t produce new wealth

Common Core. Get it right and all our education problems will be solved. I hate to disagree, but the deck chairs on the Titanic will only be shuffled. But now, the ship is the United States and the deficit deadline will once again be shoved down the road as it has been for decades. The basic flaw in education is why that huge deficit exists at all. The ship cannot be repaired with the knowledge that has been disseminated to the students (the population).

The flaw in education showed up in Tom Toles’ Feb. 9 cartoon about the farm bill and agriculture fat cats. It showed up last Aug. 3, when The News editorialized about the Senate removing the cap on aid to farmers with incomes of more than $750,000 a year. A bit of education here – this is gross income. Even at $750,000 a large farm might not turn a profit.

In 1921, the secretary of agriculture said, “The energy and intelligence with which the farmer works, the number of hours he works, the cost he incurs in producing crops – none of these is used in determining the price.” Subsidy-type programs were developed to keep at least some farmers in business.

Let Common Core explain how it took 1,327 acres of corn in 1991 to net the same amount of money produced by 97 acres in 1975. Let Common Core explain how the percentage of the GNP from agriculture has dropped to 1 percent today from 14 percent in 1948 while health care has risen to 17 percent. Let Common Core produce an economic textbook that shows how a service economy produces new wealth. The good ship United States may be beyond repair.

Marlene Schotz