Nation must take care of its wounded veterans

It’s a rotten shame! And that’s my printable feeling. Nearly every day I receive mail requests from disabled military and veteran groups for donations to aid fellow wounded. They suffer from loss of limb, severe physical injury, PTSD and suicidal tendency. Suicide is common.

Half of our Congress members are too willing to go to war and too eager for the next one. They’re too unwilling to give peace an opportunity to succeed. And many are sorry to have left Iraq and are unhappy at leaving Afghanistan. Sending our children into harm’s way is seldom a problem. But caring for them upon their return is like pulling teeth. I wish the president had addressed this to a greater degree in his State of the Union speech.

There is plenty of money in the budget for subsidies and huge tax breaks for big oil, corporations and large farmers. Incidentally, many in Congress consider themselves farmers and line their own pockets. But why is there never enough to fix Veterans Affairs and care for our heroes? Why do veteran groups have to beg for their promised benefits and proper care? Why can’t our representatives find the money for the real needy, without demanding offsets or taking from the least among us?

I have used the word “hypocrite” before. But that’s exactly what these members are. Go ahead and tax more. Government sends our kids to war. Government should follow through with its promises and care for them and their families until their dying day. I’ve received enough mail and veterans have done enough pleading.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst