Most unemployed people desperately want to work

After reading Eugene Robinson’s column in the Jan. 15 News bemoaning the fact that there has been so little outrage expressed over the Republican Party’s stand on not resuming long-term unemployment benefits, I feel compelled to add my voice to his.

The idea being promoted by some Republicans that unemployment benefits encourage people not to work borders on stupidity. True, there are people who take advantage of a system put into effect to help them, but that is true in everything. Most people who do not have jobs want to work and try to find work. If hard times cause them to need a hand along the way, why should representatives (mostly millionaires) in Washington deny them the aid they need? What kind of society do we have when some of its members live off the fat of the land, while others, in dire need, can get no help?

I think it’s time for the members of the Republican Party who oppose extending unemployment benefits to re-examine this matter, place themselves in the shoes of less fortunate Americans and change their votes.

Myra Falk

East Amherst