Most people have lost true spirit of Christmas

I was watching the media coverage of the problems encountered by the package delivery services during the last week before Christmas. I was not at all shocked by the negative and spiteful attitudes of those late shoppers who didn’t get their packages. Not surprised because we have become self-indulgent, spoiled, entitled people who believe that a happy holiday is measured only by the number of gifts under the tree.

Let’s forget how hard the retailers work their employees; forget the long and exhausting hours the USPS, UPS and FedEx people are expected to work to make sure all the nonsense that clouds the meaning of the holidays gets to your door. Whatever happened to the holidays being about friends and family celebrating life – not the latest electronic gadget? What happened to planning ahead?

Here’s an idea: Gift wrap a picture of the delayed item and put that under the tree. Stop expecting those around you to make your life perfect. Even better, take some time to think about the millions of people in this country who would love to see UPS delivering a bag of food for their holiday dinner. Even better still, how about arranging that delivery? The true spirit of the holidays is lost for most. It is long past time we change our attitudes and relearn how to find joy in the people and the life we are blessed to have. Just be kind.

Karen Jones