Most of us remember meaning of Christmas

Overused statement of the season: “We’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas.” I’ve become so weary of hearing this statement, which has frequently been expressed this season, including in this column. Of course, I don’t agree.

Do some really think that because a person enjoys the hustle-and-bustle of shopping, the hunt for sales or the wrapping of gifts that they’ve lost sight of any other aspect of the holiday? Do they think that if someone participates in Black Friday madness, they must be totally wrapped up in commercialism? Do they think that all Black Friday shoppers fight and trample over a toy? Do they really think they know what’s in the next person’s heart? What a terribly narrow and incorrect way to think.

A recent writer bashed businesses that overwork their employees at Christmas time. I guess the writer didn’t stop to think that those employees need the job, wanted the job and probably welcomed more hours. She ended her letter with the admonition to “be kind.” Perhaps the writer and others should practice what they preach and stop being so critical of those who think a little differently than they. And, I wonder, if they went to church on Christmas, were they surprised to find standing room only in most churches?

Pat Russell

Town of Boston