Most Catholic priests do an exemplary job

I am really tired of hearing about sexual abuse by priests, especially when it happened 30 years ago. I was fortunate enough to attend Catholic grade school, high school and college. During my years at grade school in the ’50s, the parish priests were coaches, altar boy instructors, guidance counselors and religious instructors, along with the Sisters of St. Joseph, and never once was there anything improper with any of the priests’ or sisters’ behavior.

During my days in grade school, we spent much time with the parish priest playing basketball, baseball and running track, and we altar boys took field trips – again, never anything improper. In high school, we spent every day with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate who, at that time, were our coaches and teachers. There was never anything improper. They were always professional. I became good friends with some of the priests, whom my parents invited to our home for dinner and various events. In college, many of my instructors were laymen but there also were some priests who were teachers, and there was never any improper behavior.

I guess my question is: Why do we bring this to light after 20 or 30 years? I am very thankful for the Catholic education I received and I have no bad memories regarding any of the religious.

Ray Spasiano