Mentally ill children need separate facility

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has decided to close the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center (CPC) in West Seneca and merge the children into the adult Buffalo Psychiatric Center in Buffalo, putting children into harm’s way. To Cuomo, our ill children are dollar signs on a state budget sheet.

If he had to listen as a locked door clicked shut, separating him from his mentally ill child or grandchild, he would demand the peace of mind that CPC could provide him. Shame on him proposing to close one of the most valuable gems in our state’s crown. Cuomo should be holding that facility up as a model, a true center of excellence, for other states to pattern.

New York State should be building more of these facilities, not closing them and forgetting about the human element. He should stop looking at the dollar signs and remember his responsibility as a leader to help the weakest among us. Gov. Cuomo, do the right thing.

Allison R. Scanlon