Medical marijuana should not be allowed

I happen to be a liberal Democrat, but regardless of the label, all people of goodwill should be concerned over Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s planned executive action to allow limited use of so-called medical pot. This issue has been discussed and debated in the Assembly as well as the Senate. The pot advocates in both bodies have failed to make a viable case for legalization, and for good reason. There is not enough scientific evidence to prove that marijuana is a superior medical curative for any illness or condition.

I do not want to see our governor or any other elected official circumventing our settled law just to earn some brownie points in an election year. We saw that tactic used by Sheriff Timothy Howard in his last race, when he vowed not to enforce the SAFE Act. Any elected official who fails to do his job and enforce the law is not fit to hold office.

Recently the public has been bombarded with stories about how marijuana relieved this or that person’s condition or illness. Some stories are very touching and compelling, especially those involving children and loving parents who are desperate and will do anything to help them. I am sorry to say that all of these stories, no matter how compelling they may sound, are not proof that marijuana is a viable alternative to any medicine for any illness or condition.

People elected to office should serve as role models whom our children can look up to. They should enforce our drug laws, not circumvent them.

Joseph S. Guadagno

West Seneca