Many would benefit from learning a trade

An article in the March 2 News proves that students should invest their tuition money wisely.

If you invest in a four-year college and leave without a degree, you will likely default on your student loans. If you default, you will also be unlikely to ever own a house or a car. Your job prospects will dim and your pay will drop. If you lose your job and get unemployment insurance and cannot find a job quickly, the job market will filter your resume out as a unemployable candidate. Under the federal rules now in force, you can also be denied long-term unemployment benefits. As a result, the economy will lose a taxpaying contributing member of society.

There are several answers to these problems. Take advantage of BOCES programs in suburban high schools or craft schools in the city. Two-year community colleges offer certificate programs and employment services at half the cost of a four-year university. A variety of industries offer advanced programs for graduates of high school crafts programs.

So, students and parents, be smarter shoppers and find the right school. Employers are not looking for finishing school graduates who can debate the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

Richard Czarnecki