Many people interested in what Paladino thinks

A recent letter stated that people don’t care what Carl Paladino thinks. This is a stretch of the imagination. People do care what he thinks and says.

I agree with Paladino regarding RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Anthony Gioia, Tom Reynolds and Jack Quinn Jr. are really fence jumpers. In other words, they are merely puppets for their party or liberals in disguise. These RINOs rub noses with each other now and after their political careers are over, obtaining lobbyist corporate positions and plum private jobs.

Gioia fundraising for Rep. Brian Higgins is unheard of and nothing short of political treason. The Republican Party doesn’t need to give the other party loaded ammunition through financial windfalls.

As far as Paladino’s political career goes, he has unlimited potential. He is the equivalent of the little guy’s eyes, ears, nose and throat of the political world.

Apparently, the writer doesn’t read the paper daily or he would realize the ideas and faults of the School Board that Paladino has brought to the front burner. The News should keep Paladino’s rhetoric regarding important issues on the front page.

Anthony Hammill

South Buffalo