Many inmates lack reading, math skills

No one doubts that the rate of recidivism will decrease when a prisoner gains an education. I think the flaw in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal is the level of education. It seems laughable to me that he believes that we have in our prisons a majority of men and women simply waylaid on their road to college, and by merely offering them a college degree, they’ll get right back on track.

The truth is that literacy rates among prisoners are abysmally low. How many are actually proficient enough to apply for college? How many have completed high school? I do not mean to denigrate our fine prisoners, but the fact is that many are high school dropouts who struggle with reading and basic math calculations.

Perhaps Cuomo should have proposed to increase their education so they may be ready for college. And then, when they are out of prison, they may apply for college, earn a college degree they pay for and can be proud of.

Cynthia Endres