Lousy road repairs contribute to potholes

A Dec. 27 front-page News article on potholes quoted Erie County Public Works Commissioner John Loffredo as saying the recent freeze-thaw cycles are responsible for the early appearance of potholes this season. Sorry, Mister Commissioner, but your department needs to take much of the blame. When potholes keep appearing in the same locations year after year, the problem is much more serious than just the weather. The poor road repair practices employed by the county are as much to blame.

As an example, please drive northbound on Hopkins Road from Klein Road in Amherst. The rather large potholes on this road are all occurring in areas the department patched last fall. Some are so large they cover the entire width of the northbound lane. The southbound lane is only marginally better. Many drivers on this road, traveling in both directions, have taken to driving partially in the center left-turn lane. I expect it is only a matter of time before a head-on collision occurs.

I realize that funding is part of the problem, and I have encouraged my county legislator to work more closely with the Public Works Department to improve the situation. However, having to repair the same roads year after year is not a good way to spend my tax dollars. Doing it right the first time will save money in the long run and definitely improve the attitudes of Erie County drivers.

Karl Hutchinson