Loss of phone service was big inconvenience

I am writing in response to The News article, “Utility repairs disrupt Colvin Boulevard.” As a senior citizen who fully admits to being a technophobe who is out of tune with the new century, I found the 11 days without land line service exceedingly difficult, especially on the day of the blizzard. My phone service was restored briefly, and on Jan. 17, it was “deja vu all over again,” to quote Yogi Berra, when my phone cut out again.

Given the extreme circumstances involved in restoring service to 200 customers, it would be helpful if Verizon were more forthright in dispensing information, so you realize you’re not the only one affected. It is certainly not the phone company of decades ago, which enjoyed a stellar reputation.

Obviously I shall be coerced into acquiring a cellphone – to my mind, an item of unproven safety, and additional expense to someone on a fixed income. And just as obvious, I shall never “bundle” my computer with the telephone. Verizon is missing out on a sales opportunity: cellphones could be lent out in emergencies (creating a job for someone) subject to return or purchase. In this great age of technology, there should be better and quicker solutions.

I reported my lack of service on Jan. 5, yet in the article a phone company representative stated that it didn’t get any calls until Jan. 7. No one affected by this disaster should have to pay a phone bill this month.

Victoria Stearns

Town of Tonawanda