Losing Buffalo Bills wouldn’t be that bad

I see the well-worn discussion on the Bills stadium is again in full bloom. Do we build new, at a cost of $800 million? Do we redo old, for $400 million? “Let’s study this.”

At the risk of treading on sacrosanct ground, or in this case turf, public school programs are being cut due to lost funding as community groups form to save them. The political dance marathon around property taxes plays on as homeowners grouse over the services their taxes actually get them, and the infrastructure that we depend upon continues to decay with only patchwork keeping it functioning. But as they say, “out of sight, out of mind” – until it hits you in the face.

I understand the opinion that once the Bills are gone, they’re not coming back. However, is this the worst possible outcome? Here’s an idea: Sell the Bills on the condition they keep their name and colors. Refill the county coffers with whatever the contract allows, sell tickets to watch them on the stadium screen with the concessions fully operational and lax parking lot oversight and my guess is a good majority of those who normally attend the games would barely know the difference.

Dan Newberry