Liberals trying to paint job loss as a good thing

Following a CBO report that found Obamacare will result in the loss of another 2.5 million jobs, the White House has taken the breathtakingly idiotic position that Americans now will be free to follow other pursuits. This is an attempt to mitigate the damage of yet another disastrous aspect of the already catastrophic Affordable Care Act, but the premise is almost comical in its attitude, especially as this also means yet another drag on an already feeble economy.

As usual, the liberal talking heads echo this point, which is what Froma Harrop attempted to do in her column in the Feb. 7 News. She opines that “Fear over losing health care coverage has locked people into jobs they’d rather not have.” Thank goodness the Obama administration has taken the steps needed to correct this situation. Imagine all those happy multitudes in the unemployment lines. They are probably skipping up to the window now, overjoyed at the opportunity to have fewer funds to pay for essentials, not even counting the huge increase that has to be reserved for the monstrosity of Obamacare.

Do liberals really think that Americans will enthusiastically embrace this idea, so we might all be free to experience a new level of poverty? Harrop has often disappointed me with her lockstep devotion to leftist ideology, but she always at least appeared to have an intelligent argument. I have not found one here.

Ray Wozinak