Liberals being fooled by left-leaning officials

Liberals, you are being deceived by your own elected officials. When President Obama and other figures on the left are talking about fixing income inequality, they are not intending to improve your lives. What too many people forget is that there are still classes in a socialist or even a communist society. The so-called 1 percent will always exist, it is only who that 1 percent is that changes. Under capitalism, an individual’s ideas and work ethic allow him or her to reach the upper classes. Under socialism, the only individuals who end up becoming part of the upper class are those who use their positions within the government to amass more resources and power.

Many self-styled progressives are indeed voting for progress – their own. Hollywood celebrity types and the left-leaning owners of major corporations also pretend to be for the progress of all the classes, while padding their own positions within the future society they are working so hard to create. Liberals have erred in fearing the corporations alone, for without the power of the government behind them, they have no real power over you and me. So the next time you are considering voting for a leader who promises to use the force of government to fix income inequality, consider who he or she is really planning on benefiting. Here’s a hint, it’s not you.

Matthew Williams

Orchard Park