Let’s support bishop amid tough decisions

I want people to keep in mind that when a ship is sinking, a good captain will get his people off of that ship. He will direct them to the nearest lifeboats. He will ensure that the people are prepared to move away from the vessel with an adequate guide and in a safe raft. It is the noble and required thing to do. What a good captain never does is ask everyone to stay the course and stand firm when the vessel is faltering.

Bishop Richard Malone, after careful consideration, has made a decision to close some of our Catholic schools. I have listened to parents fuss and fume over this decision. They have signed petitions, protested and proclaimed to be able to keep their school open no matter what.

But the truth is it is not their school. It is the Catholic Church’s school – run and owned by the Diocese of Buffalo. To tell parents to stay the course and stay with the ship is not the right thing to do. It is harmful and hurtful to all of our students and families. It is a school and it is a business; if business is bad you must consolidate.

Teaching our kids to be gracious winners is easy, but teaching them to accept loss is not. What kind of example are we setting if we can’t work together for the common good of all people in our faith? I am a believer in Catholic education. I want my children to have a faith-based foundation and the ability to pray and learn in the same place. If we do not stop the “we” and implement the “us” mentality, all of us lose.

Jill Gugino-Redman