Let’s keep politics out of Buffalo School Board

The Buffalo superintendent of schools is under fire from a number of constituents. The mayor is talking about taking over, the board is divided by racial and gender lines, the parents are upset and, as usual, the children sit in the back of the bus. The catchphrase is “veil of transparency,” and you know when media sense a story they rally around it.

Pamela Brown is an African-American female. In and of itself, this is still a story, though it should not be one! I worked directly for several urban superintendents – some black, some white, some adequate, some quite good. My jobs were somewhat peripheral, but gave me insight and knowledge of some very confidential information.

Total transparency will take a district down. However, it is absolutely requisite that the superintendent share information with the board and, together, determine what can and should be shared with the public. What should concern us more is the politicalization of boards of education in large cities everywhere. These critical positions of responsibility are often used as steppingstones to bigger jobs, not more important jobs. And where are our children? See paragraph one.

Kathleen Bryce Niles

East Amherst