Let’s keep politics out of Amherst park issue

I offer some comments regarding the plans to change the name of Margaret Louise Park in Amherst.

First of all, it is disingenuous of Supervisor Barry Weinstein to state that he wants it changed in order to get more people to use the park. If he really wants more usage, he should propose upgrading the park to make it more enticing to young families. I would suggest making it similar to Garrison Park, without the pool. A gazebo, playground equipment for handicapped and non-handicapped children and a few barbecue grills would attract many more families from Getzville and East Amherst.

Second, I understand the Republicans’ anger with William Kindel’s party endorsing Democrats for town positions. By doing so, the conservatives ensured that the next Town Board will be less conservative. I suspect that Kindel had just as much political vengeance toward the Republicans as he is now accusing them of having.

So, let’s keep the name, make it a park where people will want to go and keep the politics out of it.

Eric F. Torsell