Health care providers can help smokers quit

As a health care provider, I see the progress that New York State has made with its tobacco control program. I have worked closely with the Western New York Tobacco Cessation Center. Through this program I have received training and materials on treating tobacco dependence for my patients who are trying to quit this deadly addiction.

We often hear that one event or one day can change our lives forever. This is surely true in respect to quitting tobacco. Quitting tobacco has the power to change our individual lives, our families, our community and even our state. It is a great feeling when I have been able to help one of my patients quit. The impact, of course, is good for their health but also for their wallet.

As a reminder to all people who are trying to quit this habit, I urge you to talk to your health care provider. We can be a great resource to assist you with treating this addiction.

Pat Smith, N.P.