Gun control laws do not work to reduce violence

The authors of the Jan. 21 Another Voice, “Responsible gun owners support the SAFE Act,” glibly spout the talking points of the anti-rights organizations, such as New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, without demonstrating any real knowledge of the facts.

They start from the premise that the NRA and SCOPE are motivated by the profit margins of the firearms manufacturers. This is not true. While there are trade organizations that represent the industry, such as the National Shooting Sports Federation, both the NRA and SCOPE are membership organizations that represent the opinions and interest of their members.

Perhaps the writers could explain how profit motive is responsible for the fact that 52 out of 62 county governments and the New York State Sheriffs’ Association are opposed to the SAFE Act. In fact, the overwhelming majority of rank-and-file law enforcement personnel oppose the law. They do not wish to enforce it. They know that it primarily affects the good people they protect and serve, and does little if anything to reduce violent crime.

To date, SCOPE has distributed some 24,000 “Repeal the SAFE Act” lawn signs. All of them were bought and paid for by individual citizens and homeowners to express their outrage at having their rights trampled upon. Not one penny was financed by the gun industry to further its profit margins.

It is also a misstatement to say that laws like the NY SAFE Act will make our communities safer. The Harvard Review, Quinnipiac University and even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have all published studies on the efficacy of these types of gun control laws. All came to the same conclusion – gun control doesn’t work to reduce violence.

Stephen J. Aldstadt

President, SCOPE