Gun advocates omit a few relevant facts

Why are the anti-SAFE Act people so unrealistic? A recent letter claimed that only lawful folks are hurt by the law. Is it really possible that the media “glamorize shootings” and cause more? Is it really true that gun rights are absolute? Fact: There are no absolute rights in the Constitution. Libel is punishable and speech is limited in many ways. Try calling in a false fire or bomb alarm.

The Second Amendment is in fact connected to the phrase “a well-regulated militia” but not one pro-gun person has mentioned it. Here is another fact: We are seeing too many stories of people being killed by easily obtained guns. How about the teenager in Florida shot three times because of his loud music? Or the 10-year-old shot by another child with a gun found in a box in the garage?

I agree that the seven-bullet limit was silly, but the pro gunners would have no limit on capacity. I am tired of hearing how hammers and knives kill people. It is much easier when your weapon is a rapid-fire, high-capacity piece, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is right when he says you do not need 10 rounds to kill a deer.

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center