Gabryszak’s departure offers chance to downsize

An article in one of this week’s editions of The News pointed out that, with the demise of Dennis Gabryszak in the Assembly, there are now 11 vacancies in the New York State Legislature. It sounds like an ideal time to downsize.

Let’s call it growth through attrition. All we need is a No. 2 pencil with a sharp point and pristine eraser. We merely expunge some current boundary lines and draw bigger ones. Each time a legislator departs, either through disgrace, disillusionment or disgust, we eliminate that district until we reach a point that registers, on the Richter scale, as appropriate to adequately represent our ever-shrinking population.

This is not gerrymandering. It is right-sizing. And, as tens of thousands of riffed private sector New Yorkers can attest, it is not a new concept. We will need a referendum to pull it off. If we leave it up to our elected representatives in Albany, they will never inflict the pain upon themselves, just as the boys in the corporate boardrooms have proven these past 25 years.

Joe Sullivan