Funds sought for stadium could be put to better use

It totally boggles my mind that we taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for a new stadium. The team has done nothing to warrant a new stadium. Players get paid their mega-dollar salaries whether they perform or not. How many of us would get paid if we did not do our job as expected?

I think we should take these tax dollars that would be used for a new stadium and fix our horrendous roads, our schools and the state programs that do little to help those in need, because those are the first programs cut when the budget is not met.

The people whose homes were flooded in West Seneca got no help at all with the destruction to their homes, but they, as taxpayers, are supposed to help foot the bill for a new stadium? The popular slogan, Go Bills, means to me: Go Bills, leave Buffalo and let our tax dollars go where they are needed most.

Sandy Miller

West Seneca