Fossil fuel industry must be reined in

When will the U.S. government finally stand up to the fossil fuel industry and its complete lack of regard for the safety and security of its residents? The recent chemical spill in West Virginia highlights the multitude of dangers leveled at our communities, many of which we are dangerously unaware of.

In what can only be described as a painfully ironic press conference, the president of Freedom Industries, Gary Southern, nervously takes sips from a bottle of water as he tries to evade questions from reporters. Sources indicate the company was likely aware of the spill at least hours, if not days, prior to notifying the authorities. Rather than answer questions, he was ready to rush off with his own bottle of water, something he likely has a greater supply of than the 300,000 West Virginia residents his company has endangered.

Change will only come when we all work to raise awareness and demand our leaders to take action to protect us from this irresponsible industry.

Alison Schweichler