Fatal hit-and-run is eerily familiar

So, as it is shown, our lawmakers have dropped the ball again. Didn’t they learn anything from what Dr. James Corasanti did to Alix Rice? The recent hit-and-run in the Town of Evans just shows what the Corasanti verdict produced: If you hit someone with your vehicle, drive away, hide, get your story straight and hire a high-priced attorney. Chances are, you’ll get off.

The idea that this woman who hit Barry Moss has no regard for human life and just kept driving is disgusting. Where is society headed if lawmakers don’t put a stop to this? My deepest sympathies go out to the Moss family. Please keep hope in the system to do the right thing and make the person who’s responsible for this pay for her low morals. Just because you own a business and have money, you are not above the law.

Clayton Cerne

North Collins