Farm Bill reforms will save many lives

In reference to the article titled “Bipartisan Farm Bill is exercise in compromise,” I applaud the House of Representatives for including common-sense, life-saving international food aid reforms in the recently passed Farm Bill. These reforms will impact millions of hungry people across the world.

While U.S. food aid has been critical in helping feed 55 million people in need around the world every year, our food aid system can be more efficient and reach even more people. These reforms will achieve this in several ways, including providing funds that allow for the purchase of food closer to emergencies; making food programs more flexible to allow food aid to more quickly reach hungry people in times of crisis; and adding accountability to the way the United States is shipping and selling food overseas.

The ongoing crisis in Syria and the recent disaster in the Philippines are reminders of the urgent need for a U.S. food aid system that can reach people quickly and cost-efficiently. As an advocate for the global poverty-fighting organization CARE, I believe this is our opportunity to make lasting change that can save millions of lives.

David A. Hoover

East Amherst