Every president takes vacations

This is in reply to the fellow from North Collins who was so upset that President Obama and his family went on an “exotic” vacation to Hawaii for the holidays. Since when is it wrong to want to be with family and friends for the holidays? May I point out that Hawaii, last time I checked, is still one of the newer states in our union. It is not Timbuktu.

The president was born and raised in Hawaii. For us, Christmas means snow and hot chocolate. For him, it’s surf and sandals.

One has to wonder if Sarah Palin had been elected vice president, would visits to her home state – the “exotic” locale of Alaska – have been commented on by the letter writer or conveniently forgotten? May it be comforting that our current vice president, Joe Biden, just needs an inexpensive commuter train pass to visit his home district of Delaware.

As for the comment that the president follow the example of frugality set by Pope Francis, yes, even the pope has flown back to South America since his election this past year.

Here’s an idea to calm down that writer. Perhaps during national elections, a notation should be put on the ballot next to candidates from distant regions stating, “additional mileage may be required.”

Kathy Goodwin

West Seneca