Even with bright clothing, people are still hit by cars

I live in Rochester, but I buy The News every week, especially Saturdays. After reading the Feb. 22 My View column on fluorescent apparel, I had to respond.

I am a volunteer firefighter, specifically fire police. On Feb. 1, I was directing traffic at the scene of a motor vehicle accident when I was struck from behind and knocked to the pavement. I was wearing fluorescent lime green with reflective stripes from head to toe. The young driver who struck me was either texting or talking on her cellphone as she knocked down a row of orange traffic cones before striking me. This happened during daylight hours, around noon. Luckily, I was not seriously injured.

I would caution the lady who wrote the article to not rely solely on her fluorescent coat for safety. There are a lot of distracted drivers on the road.

Edmund Roberts