Evans police handling hit-run case terribly

Amherst police have released security camera photos of two shoplifting suspects and a picture of their vehicle. The police are asking the public for help in identifying these suspects. Why aren’t the Evans police doing the same to find the hit-run driver who killed Bob Moss on Route 5 in Angola on Dec. 22?

The vehicle was impounded, yet the police won’t release a photo of it. How can the public know if they witnessed that particular vehicle if they can’t see a photo of it? The vehicle’s owner is an Evans tavern owner. She hired a prominent Buffalo criminal defense attorney. Did you see that person out and about on the night Moss was run down? How can anyone know that if they can’t see a photo of that person? Maybe her photo will jog someone’s memory. Do the police have a suspect or don’t they? If they do, why is there no photo of their suspect?

Why is this case so hush-hush? Moss was killed over a month ago. Cases quickly grow cold. Memories fade, evidence is lost or corrupted, the guilty skip town.

These are common-sense questions that lots of people are rightly asking and we deserve answers. We need justice and closure for Moss, his grieving family and the community.

Bob Catalano