Environmentalists care about humanity’s survival

Some people say that concerns over global warming are merely hype created by big environment; that environmentalists create fears to justify their organizations. Speaking for myself, it would be great if global warming wasn’t real. I would rather just focus on chasing the dollar; people depend on me. I would much rather not have to concern myself with the cataclysmic weather that we are creating – the droughts, floods and environmental refugees we are already seeing; the spread of tropical diseases to regions previously free of them; the warmer, muggier planet with more pollens and allergens floating around.

Those of us concerned about our environment already had our hands full trying to get toxic wastes, biodiversity, air and water pollution and a host of other issues under control. Those who care about the Earth and, with it, humanity’s long-term survival, have enough on our plates already. We are up against well-heeled interests with vast amounts of dollars to unload on media campaigns, elected officials and phony grass-roots organizations. Even the most well-funded environmental organization has paltry funds compared to Big Oil.

Many volunteers are sacrificing their time and thus personal fortunes to work on climate change with groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club and Environmental Defense. They’re doing this not because they have nothing better to do, but because this issue, sadly, is so urgent.

Matthew Clabeaux