Endless possibilities exist for Skyway reuse

A recent letter suggested rethinking the Skyway as a recreation site rather than tearing it down. Lest you think there is only one “crazy person” out there subscribing to such a notion, there are at least two more – my wife and myself, and in fact I proposed considering this scenario at a meeting the letter writer attended.

Think of it – what a site for café chairs for a beer and wine garden, watching the sun go down over Lake Erie from so high up; for feeling the breezes blowing across you in the summer at those cafes; and for runners and cyclists in the summer, and cross-country skiers and hikers in the winter. Other cities have hill climbs; we could have the only bridge and silo climb for runners and combined running and cycling (if the proposal for a bar atop a silo gets built). The possibilities seem endless.

And vendors; we could join the long tradition of the medieval Ponte Vecchio in Florence and the Rialto Bridge in Venice. We could have a weather station up there so those who love winter could have their picture taken in a howling blizzard next to the station reading severe conditions. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the reuse of the bridge for the elevated railroad track in Manhattan has proven successful beyond even the dreamers’ plans. It would certainly make us unique, and could be a downtown draw.

It is true the bridge is a disjunct backdrop for the Erie Canal/Commercial Slip plans. I suppose that part of the bridge could be torn down. But mostly, we request that before it’s torn down, at least consider the alternatives.

Bob Jacobi