Economic policies are hurting upstate

It is often in this time of year that we reflect on our gains and losses, particularly those that impact our economic lives. This year, we gained in the hope of new business ventures. This is tempered by the loss of a thousand jobs, as operations ceased at BernzOmatic, Niagara Ceramic and Bank of America Mortgage Servicing, not to mention the reduction at Fisher Price in East Aurora. These firms admit that the upstate business environment is unworkable.

I agree that blue state economic policies are a failure driving out business and young people. The masterful politicking of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, with his chicken-in-every-pot promise, will not stem the tide of economic loss. Nor will the economic advice of entrenched journalism.

We can no longer accept the governing model of downstate politicians. The divide between the rich and the poor is a chasm, and for many, homeownership is an impossible dream. Buffalo has carried the burden of this yoke far too long. The upstate economy requires an immediate and deep cut in personal and corporate tax rates as well as a significant reduction in the property tax burden. Many business regulations, unheard of in most states, must be reviewed. The structurally impoverished need a new agency offering one-on-one assistance to successfully fill and hold positions created by a truly open for business New York.

Unfortunately, under the current model, we will find that 2014 and beyond will yield the same results as the past.

Dolores Fialkiewicz