Don’t let poor leadership derail Buffalo’s progress

Construction cranes pepper the Queen City’s skyline with a sparkle I have not witnessed in my nearly 30 years of life as a Western New Yorker. News stories detail the choices by robust private sector companies to locate and create jobs in Buffalo. The governor continues to deliver on his promises to develop the region.

Hope is certainly on tap in Buffalo. Unfortunately, our sports and cultural history has forced loyal Western New Yorkers to cultivate a survival skill: “cautionary hope.”

Caution has been served by the School Board’s “stealth rehiring” of an interim deputy superintendent of schools; accusations of city government paying lobbying organizations with federal funds designated to redevelop impoverished communities; and the mayor’s consideration of assuming the governance of the woeful Buffalo School District.

Stories such as these expose the incapability and ineffectiveness of current leadership in the city. Along with the new wave of hope in Western New York, there should be a wave of enlightenment among the region’s leadership to foster these opportunities. Sadly, it does not seem those currently governing have the capability to develop and implement successful solutions.

It would be cruel to have our hope and opportunity squandered by poor governance and self-interests eclipsing the best interest of the city. As a community, we cannot afford the equivalent of a “wide-right” when it comes to developing the region.

John Fenz

West Seneca