Don’t blame homeowners for teens’ shameful antics

I am responding to the letter, “Homeowners responsible for damage from party,” regarding the unsanctioned “home invasion, house trashing event” that occurred while the family was vacationing. Really? Are you serious? Do you have children? Do you have pets? What sane person would not consider the behavior of these bright, promising young adults criminal? They should all be held responsible for trespassing, damage and theft of property.

The individual who was prosecuted for home invasion of Mark Poloncarz was sentenced to eight years in prison. These teenagers are about to go off to college. What makes them so entitled to be above the law? This is a teachable moment in their lives – accountability. Parents and school officials need to admit that this egregious behavior is unacceptable under any circumstance. Imposed community service, working with troubled youths, could give these privileged young adults some perspective on the meaning of right and wrong.

We would all like to believe we can trust others. Leaving a key to feed the cats does not constitute blame on the homeowners.

Laura Abbott