Disgraceful behavior cannot go unpunished

Talk about horrors. I was horrified to read the article on the plight of the Binder family. The young men and women who attended the party came from some of the most elite schools in Western New York, yet their behavior was the equivalent of animals. What have these children been taught?

I don’t blame the schools, because my children attended private school and I know teachers at these schools. They teach respect and are not afraid to take a stance on what is morally right and wrong. I do blame the parents. Now children at that age have a mind of their own, as all of us who have been there know, but when that behavior crosses the line, as parents it is never our job to say, “kids will be kids.” It is our job to act accountable and to hold our children accountable.

As far as the Binders, they are far more forgiving than I would be. If the parents of the teen responsible for cat sitting are not holding her accountable and making restitution, I would press whatever charges I could. But what a sad day and age it is that it would have to come to that. What happened to accountability? It is truly a sad society we live in, and my heart goes out to the Binders not only for the damage, but for the sense of betrayal they and their daughter must feel. Shame on those who did this and shame even more on their parents for not making it right!

Mary Smith