Cuomo has ignored vast areas of WNY

Can I ask the people of Erie County to invest in a map of New York? Perhaps then we could stop reading comments in The News that seem to define Western New York as Erie and Niagara counties. The latest such comment was in the Jan. 26 story about Buffalo’s renewal. Dottie Gallagher-Cohen was quoted as saying, “… we have a governor who actually cares about Western New York.”

I would beg to differ. We have a governor who is giving long-overdue attention to Erie and Niagara counties. But I see no indication that the governor is even aware that the western Southern Tier counties even exist, let alone have the need for economic help. (I suspect the same is true for most of the Southern Tier, but I notice it more in the section in which I live.)

I’m not naive; we get ignored because the votes are north of us. But given that, can we at least be spared hearing how much concern the governor has for Western New York? It appears he has very little concern for five of the seven counties in the region.

Carole McNall