Cost of veterinary care exacerbates cat problem

I could not disagree more with a Jan. 3 writer that the feline trap/neuter/return program is inhumane. Inhumane would be caging the cat for life.

So far, trapping and spaying is the only thing that addresses the problem of the feral cat overpopulation. The neutered cats are taken back to their capture site, but they cannot reproduce, which seems to be a win-win solution.

The writer did not offer an alternative. Perhaps she would like the cats euthanized? We have far too much killing of animals now – wolves in Alaska, alligators in Florida, ducks in the South and on and on.

The real problem is the very high cost of veterinary care. I recently added a third homeless cat to my home. I didn’t have to trap her because she was young and very friendly. It cost $600 to spay her, and this was after a $300 good neighbor discount. Now that all my cats are neutered, they will never go outdoors.

Donna M. Duszczak