Comparisons of liberals are wrong and misguided

The Jan. 25 letter writer, “Liberals being fooled by left-leaning officials,” does not understand that it is he, not liberals, who fall to the deception of politicians.

The writer compares the virtues of a capitalist society to apparently what he believes is the socialistic or communistic push of the Obama administration. This comparison is tired and worn and blatantly untrue. Just ask a communist or socialist.

The writer believes that it is the “Hollywood celebrity types” and “left-leaning” corporate owners behind progressive change. And they are doing it because they want to “create a world” for themselves rather then the betterment of all people. This thought is nothing more than another Fox News conspiracy theory that the writer has no factual information about.

Lastly, and this is where the true deception of those on the right blossoms, the writer claims that corporations have no power other than what the government gives them.

Sadly, reality is that for a long time now, and even more so after the Citizens United ruling, corporations are now given the rights of individuals and as such with billions of dollars in profits can buy the government. And they do.

Corporations want an end to government regulations so that they can make even more money off the backs of those that they enslave in many countries and here at home.

The only group of people that benefits from the right-wing ideologues and those mesmerized by their lies are corporations and their boards.

Mark Lee Schnitzer 

West Seneca