Companies should close when a blizzard strikes

Well, we survived yet another blizzard in Buffalo. Many companies used good judgment and closed for one or two days to allow Mother Nature to speak her mind. Those who stayed home were safe and, more importantly, did not risk the lives of others who would have had to come to their rescue. Many thanks should go to those who coordinated the efforts. This was the best I have seen in my lifetime of living in this area.

The companies that chose to stay open should be ashamed of themselves. Only a vortex of greed would allow such an insensitive and irresponsible decision to be made. Driving conditions in the Southtowns were terrifying. Companies that stayed open during this blizzard put their employees in danger and did not respect the driving bans making it illegal for employees to drive to work. I suspect not many were in walking distance.

In the future, authorities should require companies to close during a driving ban. Driving unless absolutely necessary should be well-defined so that all companies clearly understand that “this means you.” There are enough local families who have experienced loss due to war, illness or drugs. Getting to work during a blizzard due to a vortex of greed should not be an additional reason to lose a loved one. Publicly held and privately held companies should know better. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Linda Dersam

Orchard Park