Cloak-and-dagger tactics unfair to targeted schools

Diocesan school officials displayed a cloak-and-dagger tactic in announcing school closings. Many Catholic schools held their breath until the ill-fated messenger arrived at 10 schools announcing their closing. Pastors were not given the courtesy of knowing before the gloom and doom arrived at their school’s front door.

What voice did pastors, principals or parishioners have in determining whether their schools could maintain a viable, sound curriculum to meet the demands of a competitive market? Why were some schools targeted even though their enrollments were increasing over the last few years?

Diocesan officials claim demographics played a role in their decision. How do they explain that not one Catholic city elementary school was closed? They are hoping that the Bison Fund will be their salvation. Do they honestly believe, in light of these demographics, that enrollments will increase? The Bison Fund may provide funding, however, will it instill a sound Catholic education for these students or will it provide a mere escape from their current environment?

Thank you to all those parish schools that will be closed in June. I pray that the alternatives will be suitable to meet the needs of the 1,100-plus students who have been displaced.

Michael Lopardi, M.D.

North Tonawanda