Clinton, Bush, Obama have done a terrible job

Imagine if President Bill Clinton had not approved NAFTA. More than 2,000 factories and 4 million middle-class manufacturing jobs would not have been lost. Ross Perot was right, but he is not telegenic or charismatic and not worth listening to. Imagine if the Democrats acted as well as they talk about protecting middle-class jobs and were not owned by big business just like the Republicans are.

Imagine if the United States had never invaded Iraq; $2 trillion would have been saved and not added to the deficit. More than 100,00 Iraqis and 4,400 U.S. soldiers would still be alive, and 32,000 troops would have come home with all their limbs intact.

Saddam Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction. Even if he did, he would never use them. That would have been grounds for invasion and he would have lost all his power and wealth. He was grandstanding; he wanted Iran and Israel to fear him and to look strong to his people.

Imagine if we had a free market health care system where insurers would compete for customers by providing the best services at the lowest prices. We have a jobs-based health care system monopoly. You must pay for the insurance your employer provides or have none at all.

Obamacare changes all of that. It forces people who work for small companies, part time, temporary or self-employed to buy insurance that, in most cases, they don’t need and can’t afford since they have no employer contribution and make less money in those jobs.

Where does the money come from for health insurance companies to be sponsors of the Sabres and Bills? Why do premiums increase three to four times the rate of inflation yearly?

I hope our next president is not as incompetent as the previous three.

Michael J. Nemeth

Orchard Park