Christie should take a lesson from Cuomo

Notice the contrast between two governors who may have presidential aspirations when faced with a similar situation. Chris Christie’s staff sought to punish a mayor who refused to support the governor in his run for re-election. By ordering a huge traffic tie-up and refusing to respond to the mayor’s multiple pleas for help, the administration sent a message that any requests for help now and possibly in the future would be met with “radio silence.” In my opinion, the inference was that the mayor’s endorsement was expected in the governor’s possible run for president.

When the Buffalo Niagara region voted for its hometown candidate instead of Andrew Cuomo in his run for re-election, the governor did not punish the region with “radio silence.” Instead, he sought to focus on the needs of this much-neglected area of the state. He devised a plan called “A Billion for Buffalo,” which highlights incentives to fast-track economic development. It has already had a huge positive effect. If Cuomo is seeking the endorsement of this area in a run for president, his method is in stark contrast to that of Christie’s administration.

Jane Roberts