Children aren’t capable of life-and-death decisions

I have to admit that I had to read the letter endorsing the arming of citizens three times to make sure I understood what it was endorsing was real and not a joke.

First, there is no way to calculate or pay for the cost of placing armed guards in all of our schools, malls, movie theaters, public buildings and sporting arenas. We could mobilize the entire National Guard and still not come close to the manpower needed.

Most of our states require registering our cars, boats and even our pets without infringing on our constitutional rights. So what is the problem with a law requiring firearms to be registered along with appropriate background checks on potential owners?

The most disturbing part of the letter was the arming of students with concealed weapons in our schools. Children are not emotionally capable of making life-and-death decisions on their own, just because they have been trained by their responsible parents in the use of a gun. I submit that you cannot simulate being actually shot at by some deranged person in a school on some rural gun club range. Plus if you have someone who has no regard for life, no amount of guns in a school will prevent him from inflicting great harm to children and staff. We have way too many examples of terrorist attacks occurring in supposedly safe areas to illustrate this fact.

I would ask all of these people who are so upset with the SAFE Act to direct their outrage to all of the government-sponsored spying programs that have been instituted since 9/11. To me this is a true infringement on all of our constitutional rights.

Mark A. Muchowski

Orchard Park