Character must be cause of today’s gun problems

With all the coverage in the media concerning the issue of guns, I have resorted to my memory of the ’40s and ’50s. I am 74 years old and come from the Wyoming Valley area of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Back then most of the people had a gun of some sort. A friend of mine had a small arsenal in his bedroom. As far as I know, the guns weren’t registered, but everyone in town knew he had them. He never threatened or shot anyone. The only gun I owned back then was a BB gun that looked like a real 45-caliber pistol. It fired one BB at a time. I was 15 when I bought it. I don’t recall anyone in our town being shot by a gun, either.

I think the difference between today and those days is the character of the people – good, stable, church-going families with respect for each other and those in authority.

Today, of course, guns are still available, but heavily controlled by the state of New York. The way I see it, the problem must be with the character of the people.

Albert D. Huntz