Catholics should support restructuring of schools

Like many here, I am the product of a Buffalo Catholic school education. I am grateful to unsung heroes like Monsignor Paul Juenker and Sister Rita Kane, who looked out for me in my formative years.

I was fortunate enough to get this education, as it led to a scholarship at Canisius High School. This led to a UB engineering degree and more than 25 years working in science, technology and engineering, where my dreams have come true.

I owe it all to the Buffalo Catholic Schools. Now, as the diocese faces the challenge of restructuring facilities, it will be an opportunity for all of us alums to offer our support, time, talent and resources to this huge effort to not only maintain the quality of the process but make it better.

Bless our bishop and diocesan leaders for their foresight, passion and vision to incorporate new measures into the best values-based system on earth. Let’s help the diocese turn out more fortunate folks, now the students in the classrooms, to make our 21st century Buffalo a reality.

Michael R. Weekes