Burke’s view of Goodrich shows he is ill-informed

As a resident of the Spaulding Lake community in Clarence, I was both astounded and saddened when I read the comments of Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke about the reconstruction of Goodrich Road in Clarence in the Jan. 24 News. He declared, wrongly, that Goodrich “ends at Spaulding Lake, the wealthiest area in Western New York,” in what I assume was his argument for not repaving it, despite it being identified as one of worst county roads in Western New York. He suggests that Goodrich was built as an access road to our community, when actually it is one of the oldest roads in the county, having been built long before the homes in Spaulding Lake were constructed.

In truth, Goodrich runs for many miles through the town and ends at Main Street near Clarence High School, not far from the Clarence food pantry and senior center. It is a much-used thoroughfare, important for school buses and emergency vehicles. Full disclosure, it does happen to pass an entrance to Spaulding Lake, about a quarter-mile before it reaches Main Street, and for this I apologize.

What I found most appalling was Burke’s implication that the supposed wealthy inhabitants of Spaulding Lake are undeserving of having their surrounding public roads repaved with county funds, despite the fact that we pay some of the highest taxes in the region and, ironically, likely use a disproportionately smaller amount of county services. Perhaps he should have done a little research before making factually incorrect, divisive and inflammatory statements designed to stoke the passions of city taxpayers against their suburban counterparts.

Mark S. Perla